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The BIG Math Network is soliciting blogposts to communicate how training in the mathematical sciences leads to a rich array of careers.  We will disseminate articles through our partners and aggregate relevant articles and opportunities.  Posts can be a single paragraph to a few pages and should include at least one picture.  They are published under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

Posts about careers can answer questions such as

o   What is your current position and how did you find/choose it?

o   What education and career path led you to this position?

o   How does your mathematical sciences training serve you in your work?

o   What is interesting and challenging about your work?

o   What would you advise someone (undergraduate, graduate, faculty) interested in training for and seeking a position such as yours?

Faculty posts
can answer questions such as:

o   How do you advise students thinking about BIG careers?

o   What kinds of internship experiences have your students had?

o   What are some advantages of internships for graduate students?

o   What conversations are important to have with your students before they begin an internship (for example, about intellectual property)?

Student posts about internships can answer questions such as:

o   What kind of internship did you have?

o   What skills were important for you to bring to the position?

o   What kinds of things did you learn on the job?

o   How can an internship enhance the graduate school experience?

o   What do you wish you had known before seeking/starting your internship?

If you would like to submit a blogpost, opportunity or news, please contact Dr. Rachel Levy at

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