Resources for Students

Learning about BIG Careers (Business, Industry and Government)

Preparing for BIG Careers

  • Visit your campus career office for an individual consultation
  • Sign up on your campus jobs board: enter keywords and register for weekly updates
  • Network with alumni from your program; ask the director of your graduate program for suggestions
  • Tell mentors you are interested in industry and government careers, and see what connections and advice they have
  • Decide on some career paths that interest you
  • Develop skills – in-person
  • Take courses and training workshops at your university on topics such as:
    • regression, machine learning, data analysis and mining
    • programming (e.g. Python, Matlab, Java, C++, object oriented programming, shell scripting), numerical methods, data structures
    • stochastic processes, mathematical finance
    • actuarial science, finance
    • mathematical modeling

Four Popular Career Choices

Finding Jobs and Internships

See your campus career office for guidance on how to network effectively. Most job seekers do not find a job just by uploading résumés online – you need to make personal contacts!

More Links on Internships

Preparing for Interviews – Technical Skills

  • Software Engineering
  • Data Science, Quantitative Analyst (for technology and finance)
    In order to prepare for interviews, one needs to brush up skills in:

Preparing for Interviews – Soft Skills

Thought-provoking Links